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October 18, 2017

A panoramic view from our house!


Our family moved to Maui exactly one year ago. Living here feels like constantly walking on Sunshine! We are living the dream!


Seven years ago my husband and I came to Maui for our Honeymoon. I remember he said: "Should we move here?" - My answer was a big laugh, followed by "I wish.." Back then it was impossible to imagine us living here. Our life together had just started and we were still pursuing our professional goals. So moving here was a unreachable dream. 


Well.. funny how unpredictable life can be! 


My husband was the Chef de Cuisine of a very well known and awarded restaurant in Park City, Utah. One day his boss came to him with a proposal: If I look for a restaurant to buy in Maui would you be willing to move there to be the Executive Chef? I am sure my husband wanted to say yes right away but instead he said who would talk to me about it first. Well, my answer this time? "When can we go?!!!!!"


Don't get me wrong, our family was very happy in Park City. However, we were done with the long Winters. Our son was only two years old (he is 3 now) and the timing couldn't be better. He was not in school yet and we were still a young family with a world of possibilities ahead of us.


So we did it. We packed our belongs (well, 1/3 of it lol), grabbed our dog and our cat, bought brand new swimming suits, taught our son about dreams coming true and moved to Maui!


What an amazing year it has been! We have met the kindest people here and the view from our house is just.. wow! Our family has definitely been blessed!


After making sure that our family was all settled from the move, I decided to go back to professional photography. I started photographing in Maui as a contractor photographer for the West Side resorts and hotels. Now I am definitely ready to fly solo and continue with my business.


What a career change! From the mountains to the beach. From beautiful trees and flowery landscape to breathtaking Sunsets and gorgeous beaches. From heavy coats to swim suits.


Photography is much more than just a profession to me. It's my passion! Every session is one of a kind to me, with no script to be followed because I believe a beautiful picture is made from a beautiful moment! Being able to photograph in Maui is such an inspiring experience. The Aloha spirit is in place you go and everyone.


Alright, this was a brief summary of our family's Maui experience. I hope our story inspires you to always dream big! The most amazing and unexpected happiness happens when you decide to not be afraid of the future!


I am looking forward to taking pictures you and your loved ones! =) 


xo, Deb


 Our dog on her first day in Hawaii

 Our son and a beautiful rainbow in our drive way

 My husband and I snorkeling at the Molokini

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October 18, 2017

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